공지 우리교회가 후원하는 선교사 및 단체
16598   2008-04-04
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15693   2008-04-04
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18356   2008-04-04
멕시코 장연호 선교님으로부터 온 선교편지 (Oct 19, 2007) Thanks for praying for me. The teaching (on missiology) ended the late Thursday evening with, I hope, much good done for those who had come. I ended up teaching about 13 hours in three ...  
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15688   2008-04-04
멕시코 장연호 선교님으로 부터 온 선교편지 (Sun, 15 Apr 2007) Oaxaca Trip Thanks for praying for me and the conference. I REALLY needed it. This "International Bible Institute" in Oaxaca is special because a first-generation Korean man came h...  
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16397   2008-04-04
할렐루야, 저희 가족은 시카고 생활을 주님의 은혜 가운데 마치고 다시 이곳 버지니아로 돌아와 워싱턴 성광교회에서 지난 2년 동안 사역을 했습니다. 이제 다시 새로운 사역으로 인도하시는 하나님의 인도하심이 있으셔서 소식을 전하고자 합니다. 나름대로 ...  
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17590   2008-04-04
Hello, before it gets too hectic, let me slip in our year-end report (sort of). As you are all feeling at this point of every year, I too cannot believe that we are about to bid farewell to what was a new year, it seemed, about 2 weeks ago! ...  
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1038181   2008-04-04
Hello, I am writing today because yesterday the Lord helped me to finish a project I have been working on for more than a year. As some of you might recall, I have been writing on the subject of comparative systematic theology for a while a...